John Ciccolini’s solo show “Frank Sinatra Screwed Up My Life” premiered at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles to rave reviews. It won the 2013 Los Angeles Comedy Festival and John won the LA Weekly Award for Outstanding Performance.

“A great performance by a great performer.” – PAUL MAZURSKY, Academy Award Winning Director/Writer

“Ciccolini is a consummate actor and singer, portraying a bevy of colorful characters…”
“Ciccolini’s one-person show balances the hilarious and the sweet with aplomb.” – LA WEEKLY

“Ciccolini’s script is a barrage of belly laughs, half the laughs coming from Ciccolini’s expert comic timing and sharp delivery as he takes command of the stage” “He will immediately steal his audience’s heart.” – BACKSTAGE WEST​

“John Ciccolini will touch your funny bone with his wacky stories of learning how to handle a woman and touch your heart with the mesmerizing beauty of his voice. This is a very funny show, but it also has some terrific singing in it, which means you get comedy and song for the price of a single cover.” – Elliot Zwiebach, CABARET SCENES MAGAZINE

“Ciccolini’s singing voice is easy to listen to. Combine that with his phrasing ability and you have an entertaining evening of song in and of itself.” – Les Traub, CABARET SCENES MAGAZINE

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